On remembering the valor of a Tarlaqueño revolutionary man

Francisco Makabulos

Gen. Francisco Makabulos.
(Photo from Google Images)

Heroism is more than just embracing the aspiration of sacrificing one’s life for God and for country. Beyond that idealism lies the reality that heroism is paramount to an unconditional love and absolute commitment moving towards a noble mission for the whole civilization.

Many Filipinos who fought during the colonization of Spaniards went through series of abuses and injustices. “Bayani” really they are called – Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and other revolutionary men who courageously waged war against the disparity of the period’s antagonists.

Yes, many are coined as “bayani”. But local Katipuneros – from eight rays of the sun in the Philippine flag representing for the eight provinces that first took arms against Spain – was not given the same amount of significance given to heroes like those of Rizal.

While some of the so-called heroes had been put behind in the limelight of Philippine’s democracy, one of the heroes who bravely set his valor for the liberation of the Central Luzon’s Melting Pot was a Tarlaqueño revolutionary man, Francisco Makabulos.

Giving his all for the welfare of the youth province Tarlac, Makabulos succeeded in leading his force against the Spaniards in 1896 and was able to unite other local Filipino warriors, by exhibiting a clear picture of bravery, compassion and dedication to unbound the whole province from the maltreatment and exploitation of Spanish troops.

While the rising generation seems to forget this brave man from Tarlac, President Benigno Aquino III has declared September 17 a special non-working holiday in the province for commemorating the 142nd birth anniversary of a Tarlaqueño revolutionary man, Gen. Francisco Soliman Makabulos.

Aside from the goal of crossing out fraudulent actions and dishonest procedures in the government, it is a very worthwhile for every Juan dela Cruz, especially for the Tarlaqueños, to witness how the current administration values and signifies the sacrifices of heroes, who struggled and  brawled for the sake of the Philippines.

Indeed, every hero deserves to be valued and be remembered. Some may not be as famous as Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, but the reality that they let their blood shed in the grounds of our Fatherland is enough to realize how much hope and love they have offered for the country.

Like Makabulos, a patriot and a Tarlac Katipunero, every hero is truly a pride of their abode. Indeed, every bayani must be remembered and be honored at all times.

Naragsak nga paka-iyanak, Francisco Makabulos! (PIA/LGCC)